ProtoStar 44 Clash Yoyo




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Gap Width 3.8 mm
Width 42.8 mm
Diameter 56.1 mm
Weight 66 grams
Bearing CBC Large Center Trac Bearing
Response System CBC Large Slim Pads

YoYoFactory sat down with 2008 World YoYo Champion John Ando to create a new standard in plastic yoyos. The goal was to create a plastic yoyo that outplays almost every metal yoyo on the market. Using plastic instead of metal reduces costs. The plastic Protostar spins comparable to many metal yoyos and is just as smooth. With YoYoFactory’s Center Trac bearing as a stock feature, the Protostar is competition-ready straight out of the box.

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ProtoStar 44 Clash Yoyo

ProtoStar 44 Clash Yoyo

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