LED Gloves UFOrbit



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Materials ABS Plastic
LEDs LED Gloves Standard Size

The best orbit for lightshows ever made.  Made specifically to hold classic-sized LED Gloves microlight chips.  Designed to be perfectly balanced with 2 or 4 LED microlights.  Precisely engineered to remove all chip rattle even with the most aggressive spinners. These orbits were designed, built and tested in Massachusetts by UFOrbits, and come with a lifetime guarantee.

UFOrbits include:

  • Complete Two Piece Orbit
  • Two Satin Strings (1 Black, 1 Rainbow)
  • Two Orbit Screws
  • Two 2mm Hex Wrenches
  • CR1620 Battery Pack
  • Your choice of LED Gloves microlights

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LED Gloves UFOrbit

LED Gloves UFOrbit

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