Galaxy Nano Glove Set



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This advanced glove set has 5 completely adjustable patterns that are sure to help you melt faces like never before. Adjust the patterns with 25 colors, including a blank and 3 brightness levels. Conjure mode is included as well, so you can easily turn the lights on and off during your lightshows.

The addition of a blank mode allows you to change the spacing of the modes so with these 5 included patterns and use of the "blank" you should have no problem creating totally unique modes. Each mode can hold up to 8 color slots.

The Nano series glove sets are the smallest microlights ever made. They are up to 65% smaller than other available lights which makes them incredibly lightweight and comfortable. They are so small it's almost like giving fingershows with whites on. Despite their small size they stay firmly in place because of their revolutionary "ergo" casing.

All Nano lights take advantage of CR1225 batteries size while still giving you to 25% more battery life!

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Galaxy Nano Glove Set

Galaxy Nano Glove Set

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