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Aether Glove Set

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Nothing is worse than programming the perfect set and realizing that you forgot what shade or brightness of blue you used 6 modes in, forcing you to start all over. The Aether totally abolishes that issue by allowing you to program your lights wirelessly in just 2 seconds!

This innovative microlight from Futurstic Lights has totally changed the game when it comes to programming and storing additional modes for later use. You can purchase additional lights and use them as "storage bank's" for your favorite modes and bundles so you will never lose your favorite mode again.

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Super convenient

These lights are super easy to program and are really really cool to use the only con about this light is it does not have strobe but that's no problem you can simply recreate it with the sandbox mode but this light is legit the future of gloving with chip to chip communication



I've been gloving for 3 years, to see how much the technology has grown is awesome. These lights are easy to learn, and the chip to chip communication is the single best feature on these. Programmed all 10 chips in less than 5 minutes! The ergo casings are also dope, keeps the lights on your fingers. 10/10 FL.

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Aether Glove Set

Aether Glove Set

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