FlowMVMT Sneak Peak

FlowMVMT Sneak Peak

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We've been looking for an engineer to help make the world's best orbit since September of 2015. After months of failures and delays we finally found someone who could handle the project and he just happened to be a flow artist.
Interview:  Owner of LEDGloves
FlowMVMT sits down with the owner and creator of LEDGloves, Jarrad Fallon. This guy created the Aurora microlight and the "nano" series, the smallest microlight ever made.
When will the OSM2 be here?
The OSM2 will be with us soon! We're waiting on all the backorders to clear up and you-know-who to stop suing everyone...but as soon as that mess clears up we will be carrying and supporting them as well as hosting a tech support team trained in the art of OSMing.
Ask Me Anything with Gummy
Gummy sat down on the Art of Gloving Facebook page and did an "Ask Me Anything" where he answered every question the audience asked. Nothing was off limits, his personal life, work with EL, DJ work, and his future were all topics covered.
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