FlowMVMT Sneak Peak

FlowMVMT Sneak Peak

We've been looking for an engineer to help make the world's best orbit since September of 2015.  After months of failures and delays we finally found someone who could handle the project and he just happened to be a flow artist who frequents the monthly Art of Gloving event!  

When Jacob Mauro isn't throwing lights (OSMs!) out in Vegas he is in the lab perfecting low cost 3D printable prosthetic hands.  He's a recent mechanical engineering graduate with 10+ years experience in CAD design, so we are pretty sure the final result will blow your mind.

I'm happy to announce that the orbit is in the final stages of prototyping and will available soon...gotta show our orbitfam a little love!  Stay tuned for updates!


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      Jul 5, 2016

      I can't wait! The first orbit I had only had last a week and only survived one hit. After that I gave up on orbiting even though people had given me praise for my shows even with one week of play under my belt. Hope to see a design that will get me back into orbiting, because I'd like to be one of the best. Just been discouraged in buying something that won't last.

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