Ask Me Anything with Gummy

Ask Me Anything with Gummy

Hey AOG! My name is Justin, AKA Gummy. I thought it would be a fun idea to take a shot at an AMA. I've been a part of the scene since 2009, and have experienced all different sides of gloving since then. I started doing it as a fun hobby with friends, and it's given me most of my favorite life experiences. I've traveled around the country because of it, made some TV appearances because of it, and been employed / sponsored by several different companies because of it. I have been away for quite some time now, but I definitely want to get back out there and start making some cool shit. This is my first time doing this, so I don't even know if there are going to be a whole lot of questions, but hey, I thought it was a cool idea! I'll answer ANYTHING you ask later on today all at once. Thanks AOG!

Yreffej Ojert : Why the name Gummy?

I was in drama class in highschool, and I would practice liquid dancing with my hands all the time. This freshman told me "Dude your hands look all gummy-like. That's what I'm gonna name you. Gummy." So at the first event that I ever went to, someone asked me what my rave name was, that was the first thing I could think of. So that's what I went with from then on

Brandon Dultz : What was your first thought when your original gummy video started to get so popular

i think my exact words were "...really? This was supposed to be silly..." Definitely did not see that one coming

Edgar Sanjuan : I remember you melted my face like 5 plus years ago and ever since then I wanted to become a glover so really thank you so much

that's awesome! let's trade at AOG this Friday?

Hugo Castillo : What is your perception of the scene today with how it's changed through the years? (I've watched your vids since team truth) Do you think technological advancement are helping or hindering the growth of gloving as a whole?

Right now, I think there is so many insane concepts that I would have never even imagined back when I started. I think it's great that so many people are into it. I think right at this moment, there is a lot of tension, which is really unfortunate. I think it's really great with the advancements. You can do so much now. But when it gets to the point that the gloves do all the work, I think you're not really reaching to better yourself as an artist.

Andres Lenis : Give me your "state of the scene"

A lot of good things are happening right now. Some bad, too, unfortunately. I lost a lot of faith in the community for a while there until this group was started. Some really dope conversations and shows in here. I like these vibes

Chaz Kellogg : Do you have any plans to release a new "welcome back" video, and if so, what set can we expect to see you rocking?

Yes. If things go the way I want them to, I won't look the same as I have before.

Austin Hardel : Why do you wanna get back into the scene NOW of all times? I get better now than later but still.

Because enough has happened very recently that has encouraged me to get back out there. Was very unmotivated for a long while, certain people have reminded me why I fell in love with it in the first place. So here I am.

Kailor Tokihiro : Why did you stop making videos on emazinglights youtube or why dont you go to igc ect?

I was let go from EmazingLights as an employee of the company, and not given a reason why. Sponsorship was not handled correctly at all, so when I was contacted about continuing the sponsorship, I wanted to have a conversation about it, first. Unfortunately, I was not contacted back, so we fell out of partnership since then. Ironically, all of a sudden, I'm being contacted again by Emazing just recently.

Alexis Hernandez : What's something you wanna change about the scene?

More friendship, less lawsuits, and less bullshit. And have people take it so seriously. It's all supposed to be fun.

Joseph Davis : Who do you believe currently is the Glover pushing the edge on creativity and innovation?

Mary Spohn AKA Blitzen

Alex Olson : Sick maybe this time you will actually trade with fools instead of only you trying to throw haha.

This is something that I have wanted to address but have never had the chance, publicly. I'm so sorry if I've ever come off as standoffish, rude, or as a straight up dickhead to anyone who's approached me. It's not cool of me. There really isn't a good excuse, but I can give my reasoning. I get very overwhelmed when at a place where a lot of people approach me. And when that happens, a lot of people want a lot of things from me: trades, pics, chat, etc. So, I get really anxious, and either forget what's happening, or need to get away to spend time with my friends or just myself to breathe. It's difficult to explain, and it makes me seem cocky, but it's what happens. Also, alcohol doesn't help. So to you, and anyone else, I'm very sorry. I'm working on that going forward.

Victor Gambino : Why did you take such a long break and put the gloves down?

After leaving Emazing, I was extremely jaded about the entire scene. When something is your literal job for so long and you see the backend aspect and don't agree with a lot of it, you lose passion. Which is what unfortunately happened with me. I took a break to get away from all the crap, and now that I see some positivity again, I feel comfortable to get back in there.

Sam Cogar : What's your favorite color and why?

Silver white. It's so crisp and looks so clean. Pair that with a deep purple and ooooooooooo... xD

Jayfer Da'Onenonly : You have to fight either 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck. Which do you choose.

I guess the horse-sized duck. Have your ever seen an giant spider fight a swarm of ants? The spider never wins.

Tom Katt : You got any og bulbs?

Probably somewhere in here. I've got shit from 2009 still when I was shopping at Orbit

Joseph Davis : Is it true you are the child of the Easter Bunny and Zeus?

False. Trix Rabbit and Poseidon.

Andres Lenis : Most memorable show?

Phureon, 2010, Kosmic Fest

Andres Lenis : Word of advice to aspiring artist?

Be different. Always always always be different.

Kevin Arcalas : What light show video or what show at a rave hooked you into it?

Jacoby Dooley : How does it feel to know you were one of the primary inspirations for a massive amount of people when they first started gloving, me included?

It's amazing. Completely not what I was expecting. It can also be overwhelming, and stressful, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Michelle Bars : Do you own a Lambo?

If by Lambo you mean...gummylambo

Josh Lee : What are the some of the mental processes that go through your mind when you throw light shows? Where do you get inspiration? If you were to collaberate with anyone on any caliber(lightshow related or not), who would it be? Do you plan on traveling to meet up with some of the local scenes across the country? Who are some of your personal influences?

I just honestly blank my mind and go with the music. that's what's most important to me. I would want to collaborate with Deadmau5 and control his stage show with my gloves. I do intend to travel again to some fests and anywhere that'll have me. I'm influenced by anyone and everyone that can do some epic stuff that i haven't seen

Hunter Bruno : How does it feel knowing you're responsible for inspiring a very large portion of the scene to get into gloving? I know if it weren't for the Gummy project I wouldn't be here.

It's so awesome. And sometimes scary tbh. It gave me a lot of pressure in the past but i think i'm over that now.

Hunter Bruno : What's your favorite glove set of all time across all companies?

Favorite current light is the OSM. But of all time, full set of solid inovas. Blue and White.

Samantha Brown : Art of Gloving or FNL Level Up?

Art of Gloving. I DJ there every month, and all my friends are there

Hunter Bruno : What do you think was the biggest change the scene has gone through in the 7 years you've been around?

Companies blowing up. Corporate nonsense created an us against them mentality. If you're gonna have one of those, make it between teams formed on friendship, not who has the best light or gives you the most free shit.

Bryan Miranda : Did you get any type of royalties from the Gummy tshirts produced by Emazing?

Nope. Correction: someone does, but I don't see any of the money.

Hunter Bruno : Do you still own the Bunny mask. Will we ever see it again?

Yes. In some way, yes.

Joseph Davis : Do you ever wish that your most popular video was to a different song than Imogen Heap's Hide and Seek?

Hell no. I loooooooove that track.

Hunter Bruno : What was your most memorable trade?

Trading with Ayo? Amor at EDC 2010. Fool was creepy as fuhhhhhhh

Joseph Bluett : What's your favorite recorded show that's up online?

Yreffej Ojert : Favorite current emazing sponsor? to watch. not as a person.

Mary Spohn AKA Blitzen. If she's still a sponsor. I dunno

Hunter Bruno : How was it being on Shark Tank?

They had a dope catering service there that made a bomb breakfast burrito. Also, they are actually for real there. I thought it was fake before going there.

Hatim Hafid : Why did you move away from the gloving scene. Now that you are back are you happy with the way the scene looks now?

My time at Emazing jaded me extremely. Things weren't handled correctly for any of us. I'm much happier now that I'm away from it all. I see more good now.

Chaz Kellogg : What is the dumbest/silliest thing you've done with a pair of gloves and why?

I've given a friend a glove to wipe his ass with because there was no toilet paper. The debate is still out on whether or not he put the glove on first, before he wiped.

Josh Lee : Do u produce chocolate milk or regular milk?

Strawberry cuz i'm fabulous.

Kyle Jaron Woolfenden : Who has put in the most time, care and attention into dance/gloving that you have seen? I'm talking from an individual basis, rather than from a community standpoint.

Probably JayFunk. Dude eats, sleeps, and breathes dance.

Jordan Granola Rodriguez : Whats your personal opinion on Gloving as an art V a competition sport?

I say keep it as an art, and if you're gonna compete, make it friendly.

C.T. Waycaster : What are your thoughts on the current lawsuit between companies ?

I think that it's based on completely on lies and is bred from pure evil. For the amount of times that company has really screwed people over, I would have thought that it would have stopped there. But no. They are much more interested in money, and squashing any and all competition. Keep this in mind: competition is always in favor of the consumer. If there's one place only that you can get one type of product, you will always get sub par quality because the producer will never have a reason to not cut corners.

Mike Cheatham : You've inspired countless people to pick up this art form. Your bunny show was the first light show video I ever watched and it mesmerized me, as well as millions of others. My question is two-fold:

  • How often do people recognize you as gummy in public?
  • How have you managed to keep a level head in the face of an entire community of people touting you as an inspiration? Has it been difficult to keep your ego in check, and if so, what's helped you stay down to earth? (that's not to say I think you've got a big ego, on the contrary I think of you as a very down to earth person. That's why I asked, I just imagine that it would be difficult to keep these things from getting to your head after seeing the impact that you've left in this community)

Only a handful of times outside of events / clubs. But when I go to those venues, a good amount of people want to say hi or take pictures or trade. It's really cool, but can be a little overwhelming sometimes.

And I haven't always had a level head, sadly. I've been a douche and a dick to a lot of people and it hurts me that I did that. Sometimes I thought about myself more than I thought about others and their feelings, and it was really shitty of me. It's hard to maintain your composure when you're young and think you're hot shit. But i've leveled out now, and i'm ready to make it up. it's not to say i've been that way 100%, but if i'm having a bad day and someone approaches me in a way that i didn't want to be, my bad mood did come out. I guess people sometimes don't realize that i can have an off day and it upsets them when i act on it. but it's not right of me.

Andrew Sheets : Are you gonna be at the AoG event this week?

i am indeed. catch my set at 10 PM

Mohit Yagnik : Any advice you'd like to give for glovers in India trying to push the scene?

that's really awesome! spread videos to your local friends. hold your own event. start with just a house get together and then move on to like a social place like a club or a bar or something like that. just show people what's up. no one doesn't like pretty lights

A.j. Mendoza : What was your all time favorite set

Josh Lopez : It was cool seeing ya last time, I always wondered if you still rocked the bunny mask when/if you do shows and if so, has it been the original since the start?

I've broken so many of those i went through many. but i still have the original. it's still intact haha

William NA : Why did you stop?

Jaded viewpoint of the scene after being with EL for so long. Once it's your job, and you see so much bad happening, to yourself and people you care about included, you lose passion.

Victor De La Cruz : What do you do besides gloving?

i play a lot of destiny, rocket league, the division, and other time-wasting games. i dj and make music. and i just generally have a good time when i can with my best friends grin emoticon pretty typical dude honestly

Neg Seep : what happened with EL? Do you still glove? Will you come to IGC 2016? And let's trade.

EL let me go from employment for reasons that were never told to me. as far as sponsorship, we talked a little bit after i was fired, but then lost touch, and i had no reason nor desire to go back. i do still glove from time to time. Been trading at AOG. I will not attend IGC 2016 because of the current situation that that company is creating for everyone, and, i doubt i would be welcome anyway. and hell yea let's trade.

Bryan Miranda : out of all the teams, and companies and sponsors, which did you feel most at home with? which did you make the most friends?

I feel most at home now that i'm not officially with any company. PM has always been good to me and i love those guys, even if i've been away from them too. honestly tho, i think my friends and family aren't defined by brands and teams and blah blah blah. people are people and that's that.

Bryan Miranda : would you do it all over again? what would you change? what would you repeat?

yes i would. i wouldn't be so trusting of people. i would repeat all my songs that i did shows to.

Bryan Miranda : any insight as to being a "popular" or "well known" glover that many others dont see normally. ie do you get harassed more frequently, have you ever gotten any special privileges.

i wouldn't say harassed. i just get people that wanna come say hi and hang out, and that's all good. yes, i have gotten special privileges. just one instance is that i was on Shark Tank, when people in the same company were more talented than me.

Bryan Miranda : has gloving hindered or enabled you do things you've never thought were possible?

enabled. absolutely. i've gotten to travel, dj for crowds of people dancing to the music i'm playing, met people i thought i would never's been so good.

Kinshing Tse : Is there gonna be a new gummy project?

I've got a lot of ideas, and hopefully they do as well as that did

Daniel Crayne : What are you most excited for in terms of improvements in gloving and what do you see on the horizon

i just like that the creativity is off the walls now. and it's gotten to the point where you're seeing gloving everywhere. it's a cool feeling to have been there from almost the beginning. i think next comes more recognition and the ones that make something amazing will start living the lives that they deserve to.

Bob Aaron : If you could mix 4 features from any chip set and put them together what would they be. I.e. Color pallets, certain accelerometers, bulbs.

the size of an inova, the button of an ols light, the modes / colors of an osm, and the ease of use of a Matrix

Jonathan Mitchell : How has new technology changed your style and your ability to adapt to the latest trends in LED micro-controllers?

it's made me rethink what i can do. for instance, the fact that you can make your lights change color and modes on their own made me realize that i don't have to spend so much time doing that manually anymore. so i can pay more attention to wow-ing people with actual moves, rather than a change of color

Rocci Sacer : Why were you fired from Emazing Lights? Are you sad about being replaced by Teddy?

When I was fired from employment at EL, I was not told a reason. I was told that the company had come into some issues that they could not overcome and that they were letting me go. this was the monday following a conversation I had had with Brian where i told him exactly how i felt about the poor working conditions for both on the clock and sponsorship hours. so it seems pretty logical that that had something to do with it, but i have no proof. as for being replaced by Teddy, i don't like to think of anyone being replaced by anyone. because i don't think that i should have been getting special treatment over him or anyone else while i was there, just because my name happened to be Gummy. looking back, that wasn't cool. Teddy had been putting in way more work than myself long before i was let go. so now that he's getting the recognition and perks that he should have been getting from the beginning, i think it's great.

Rocci Sacer : Are you still making music?

I am indeed. Will be posting soon in here

Takuma Katagiri : What made u put the gloves down in the 1st place?

Had a very jaded view of everything after my time with EL. It became such a job for me, except I felt myself and all the glovers around me were getting shorted left and right. plus, when you see so many things that you disagree with that go against what you've believed for so long, you start to lose passion. and that's exactly what happened to me.

Rob Chacon : Can you expand on that please? Curious af now.

I can't speak for anyone other than myself, but I still have yet to receive any compensation for what my code on EL earned. I received compensation in the form of going to events and some free products. But nothing substantial, especially for the amount that i did for them. I stopped expecting anything a long time ago, but Brian has contacted me recently trying to "squash bad blood", but still will not agree to anything that I have said I think I deserve. He's only doing it because of the situation he's gotten himself into. I'm not the only one he knows he's screwed over, so he's contacting us all, trying so terribly hard. It's rather sad, actually.

Cody Hekhuis : You went awal. My question is this, what is the reason why you chose to come back to the scene? Been watching your vids and gloving since 2010 so I am definitely glad that you are coming back but what made you want to come back?

Finally felt like i was far enough away from the bullshit. it seems so much more welcoming and free not being tied down to business-y crap. I just want to entertain without feeling shitty about it every day.

Andy Martinez : What happened to Ha-Ha

Me and Ha-Ha are still friends to this day. We're working on music now and taking that venture as far as it'll take us.

Jacoby Dooley : Does your family ever tease you when easter comes around?

Only because i sit on the couch stuffing my face with peanut butter eggs for hours on end

Hunter Bruno : What came first, the name or the mask?

The name. had it in highschool, started gloving right after graduation.

Keith Lion : If you were to compete at IGC how well do you feel you would do against all the new styles and forms we have today?

I wouldn't, but if I woulddddd, I would last half of the first round. I'm not about competition moves. I just like to entertain and do stuff that I like to look at

Josh Lee : How do you feel about the new technology? Such as accelerometers, light to light communication, and computer programming like OSM?

I think they're really amazing. I didn't realize lights could do that honestly. It gives a new layer of concepts that you normally couldn't do. Just make sure not to use it as a crutch

Devin Tyler Sole : What made you start wearing the bunny mask? And where did you get it?

I just thought it was ridiculous and funny when I saw it at a Halloween shop. Apparently no one else thought so hahah

Stephen Pham : What's your opinion on the NorthKorean threat? Do you like Korean BBQ?

I think that they're puffing their chest yet again, just like they always do every couple months or so. It'll happen again, just because they throw a fit after every new set of sanctions. And I like eating it, but not the prep work. But I guess I could say that about any food.

Teddy Rose : Do you still think SlingBlade is a good movie? XD

Have you seriously still not seen it? Because that's not ok if you haven't. And did you work on you impression because I expect you to pull off one flawlessly next time I see you.

Josh Howell : How do you decide what song to throw shows to? What's your favorite show of yours that you've ever thrown?

I honestly just live on soundcloud and keep a tab of everything I like. Sometimes I'll hear a song and just go record right then and there out of inspiration.

RJ Rodgers : You're an inspiration! Are you going to electric forest?? If so we should link up and trade! That would seriously be the dopest thing hahaa!

I wish man! I've always wanted to go

Jesse James Hammond : When I first saw your videos i immediately fell in love with gloving. You inspired me to learn and ever since then gloving has helped me grow and made my life so much better. So my question is, what inspired you to glove and how has it changed your life?

Just the fact that it was a new weird art form that really caught my eye. There was very little of it back then, so it was something that i was really drawn to. It's been my entire life and i've gotten to experience so so much at such a young age that I normally would not have been able to

Ryan Gessner : I saw you play at contour in Seattle a while ago (I was salty you weren't in the trading mood, but I get how it can be, everyone wanting your attention) you did great tho, you still djing? Also, what do you think gloving currently needs to grow as an artform?

Yup, still dj-ing! Just starting over with a new slate. I think it needs more love, less hate. Let the creative juices flow

D.j. Hyland : Will you be at Beyond Wonderland?

I'm definitely considering it. It looks like fun

Jon Whited : After riding the wave of this scene for 7 years and watching it evolve, what would you say is the best chip ever produced? Be it a programmable or a chip made for 2 prong LEDs, what is your personal favorite after all this time?

Inovas. It's what I started on, and they never malfunctioned on me

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